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Alternative Dispute Resolution

A Party’s Guide to Colorado Court-Ordered Mediation

     Mediation is a process through which a neutral person called the mediator, trained in conflict resolution, assists you in resolving your dispute.  The basic premise of mediation is that the parties involved in a dispute are best able to resolve it themselves, rather than relying upon a third person, often a judge or magistrate, to impose a decision upon them.

     If you have been, or anticipate being ordered by a Colorado court to participate in mediation of your case, a free, helpful resource is available below to guide you through the entire mediation process including selection of a mediator, mediation styles, preparation for, participation in, and expectations of court-ordered mediation.    

The Guide:

  • is intended for use by parties appearing with or without an attorney.  
  • hopes to decrease the parties’ anxiety and intimidation caused by confronting conflict in an unfamiliar process and setting
  • is written in a “Frequently Asked Question” format, using non-legal, everyday language.
  • provides an interactive clickable Table of Contents to link you to the specific topic of interest. 
  • includes links to online official court forms and other resources. 

This guide is a joint project of the Office of Dispute Resolution of the Colorado State Court Administrator’s Office and the Colorado Judicial Institute.