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Community Organization = Community Board of Directors & Volunteers

The Nominating Committee recruits community members dedicated to CJI's mission to serve on the Board of Directors. In accordance with CJI's bylaws, the majority of the board members cannot be involved in the full-time practice of law or be full-time sitting judges. Leaders from legal, business, education, and philanthropic communities have served on the CJI board.


The Nominating Committee ensures that the board members, once elected, remain active in the organization's running and understand the organization's mission. CJI expects board members to have direct involvement in at least one CJI committee or project.


Questions about the board should be directed to the Nominating Co-Chairs Faye Diamond and Jon Goldberg through


For information on the current board of directors, please visit the Board Members & Staff Page.


CJI is Seeking Dynamic Leaders!
Please consider joining CJI’s dynamic and diverse group of attorneys, business leaders, and judges as they work to better connect our non-profit to the community we serve.
As part of CJI’s ongoing efforts to ensure that we represent all of Colorado, CJI is recruiting strategic thinkers as volunteers, committee members, and board members.  CJI is seeking:
  • A wide array of business leaders in diverse industries and sectors as well as legal professionals
  • Residents of greater Colorado from the western slope to the eastern plains
  • Traditional diversity factors including gender, race/ethnicity, LGBTQ, and age
Candidates for CJI’s board should:
  • Be a current member of CJI.
  • Commit to attend six bimonthly board meetings a year.
  • Participate with at least one of our committees.
  • Attend various CJI events throughout the year.
  • Submit a CV and Board Application. 
CJI is dedicated to furthering the public’s understanding of the Colorado courts and protecting and defending the ability of the Colorado judiciary to decide cases fairly, impartially, and free from partisan politics

All candidates interested in board membership should review the board expectations for details and responsibilities.  An application and the board expectations document are available from Joshua Anderson at