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There are many organizations that provide additional information on the Colorado judiciary, judicial selection, judicial performance evaluation and judicial education.  Below are links to some of these organizations.

American Bar Association - Judicial Independence

Brennan Center for Justice

Colorado Bar Association

Colorado Judicial Performance Commission

Colorado Judicial Vacancy Listing

Colorado State Judicial Department

Colorado Supreme Court

Council for Court Excellence

Denver Bar Associaton

The Federalist Society

Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System - University of Denver

Justice at Stake Campaign

National Center for Courts and Media

National Center for State Courts

National Judicial College

Office of the State Court Administrator - Colorado

Our Courts Public Education Program - Colorado

Peole for the American Way - Fair and Just Courts

State Justice Institute

State of Colorado

The Colorado Judicial Institute does not endorse any particular content or message expressed on these site and does not share any membership or contact information with these sites.  The links are provided as a courtesy only.  If you experience difficulty using these links or feel additional resources should be added, please let us know.

Want to know how Colorado selects and evaluates judges?
Family Law Committee Report: Parent Perceptions

Parents' Voices: The Other Side of the Bench was released in July 2011. The report, conducted over a two year period, uses surveys and interviews of parents who were involved in dependency and neglect proceedings in Colorado courts. The report is available for download below.