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The Colorado Judicial Institute designs a continuing education program in partnership with CLE of Colorado, Inc.  The 2010 program,entitlted "Judges Tell All: How to Be Your Most Persuasive Self in Issues That Matter", was held on Friday, February 19th.

 Program Description

Whether you are a novice litigator or a seasoned professional in the litigation arena, in this unique, half-day program you will learn more about what the judges are thinking and looking for in their courtrooms than in any other program you've attended before.  This is a unique opportunity to hear from our panel of recently appointed judges, our panel of currently sitting judges and our panel of former judges who will address your most pressing questions, issues and concerns about succeeding and winning in their courtrooms.  You will not only learn the most effective tactics to use to serve your purposes, but also what pitfalls to avoid to ensure your success.  Come witness the frank disclosures our judges are willing to share with you.  We look forward to seeing you in February!
8:00 - 8:30
8:30 - 12:15
Program Including a 15-Minute Break
Moderated by Honorable Rebecca Love Kourlis
Panel of Recently Appointed Judges
Honorable Deborah J. Grohs, Honorable William W. Hood III, and Honorable Patrick T. Murphy
Panel of Currently Sitting Judges
Honorable Lael E. Montgomery, Honorable Edward C. Moss and Honorable William Robbins
Panel of Former Judges
Honorable James Hiatt, Honorable M. J. Menendez, and Honorable Cheryl L. Post
Issues for Discussion
- So you think you can recuse a Judge?  Think carefully!
- What do courts really think about publicity - about themselves, the lawyer or the case?
- How to get access when you want to speak to the Judge, not a clerk or a staff person.
- Your issue is time sensitive.  How can you get an audience now?
- Persuasion in the age of electronic communication; Do Judges pay attention to the printed word anymore?
- Assuming that documents and pleadings are read on a computer screen, how can they best be presented for persuasion?
- Are Judges really ready for complex pre-trial arguments?  How can you get them ready.
- Your Judge is busy and possibly overwhelmed with pending matters.  How can you get the attention that your issue requires?
- Pro-se opposition; level playing field.  How do you counteract a perceived judicial partiality?
- Civility; does this apply to both the Bench and Bar?
- Do Judges really pay attention to the “Duty to Confer?”
- Spoliation; what is it and what does it mean?
- E-Discovery; what is this all about in the State Court system?
- Pets and pet peeves; the best ways to provoke the Judge.
- Trials to the Court; we are aware of the Court's  discretion.  How to address a perceived bias or pre-disposition.
- Judicial predisposition on an issue of importance to you.
- Attorneys' fees; how to best persuade on this issue.
- Post trial motions; are you wasting your time?
- Other relevant issues as time and interest permit.
Chairs and Program Planners:
E. Michael Canges, Esq.
Canges Iwashko Bethke & Bailey PC
Denver, CO
Gary Lozow, Esq.
Isaacson Rosenbaum PC
Denver, CO
Judicial Panel Moderator:
Honorable Rebecca Love Kourlis
Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System
Denver, CO
Judicial Panel Members:
Honorable Deborah J. Grohs
4th Judicial District Court
Colorado Springs, CO
Honorable James Hiatt (Retired)
Fort Collins, CO
Honorable William W. Hood III
2nd Judicial District Court
Denver, CO
M. J. Menendez, Esq.
Office of the United States Attorney
Denver, CO
Honorable Lael E. Montgomery
20th Judicial District Court
Boulder, CO
Honorable Edward C. Moss
17th Judicial District Court
Brighton, CO
Honorable Patrick T. Murphy
17th Judicial District Court
Brighton, CO
Honorable Cheryl L. Post
Judicial Arbiter Group, LLC
Denver, CO
Information on the 2011 CLE will be avaialble in January 2011.

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