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Judicial Education Fund

The need for our state justices, judges, magistrates and judicial department personnel to have access to the latest in education and training for the problems they encounter every day is great.   However, state funding has, even in times of economic stability, been anemic.

Responding to the Colorado Supreme Court’s call for more judicial education, in 2002 CJI developed the concept of the Judicial Education Fund (the Fund).  The Fund allows CJI to raise private funds and develop programs to provide the judiciary and members of the judicial department with the highest quality continuing legal education.

Managed by the Denver Foundation, the Fund is used exclusively for the education and training of judges, justices and other judicial department personnel. It is replenished each year by contributions from individuals and by income from the Judicial Excellence for Colorado Dinner.

Contributions can be made to CJI for the Fund. When submitting contributions to CJI, please indicate they are for the CJI Judicial Education Fund.  Or, you can make a contribution directly to the Fund by contacting the Denver Foundation (please select Colorado Judicial Institute Education Fund).

The fund provides scholarships for individuals to attend seminars and training classes, sponsor speakers at the state judicial conference, provide funds for judicial officers to attend conferences on ADR and family law issues, and sponsor meetings designed to train participants on new specialty courts and collaborative efforts.

Requests for scholarships from the Education Fund are accepted year around by CJI. The scholarship guidelines can be found to the right, as can the scholarship evaluation form that each scholarship recipient must complete within 30 days of the completion of the event/class/conference, etc.

To apply for a Judicial Education Scholarship click here.

For further information on the CJI Judicial Education Fund, please contact us via email or at 303-766-7501.

CJI Scholarship Guidelines

Please review the guidelines before applying for a CJI Judicial Education Scholarship.

CJI Judicial Education Scholarship Evaluation Form
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