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Membership Development

We Rely Upon Individual Members!

The Membership Development Committee is charged with recruiting new members to CJI and spreading our message of the value of  judicial excellence through education and research.

CJI's varied activities appeal to members of the legal community as well as anyone who wants to assure that our courts are free of partisan influence and that Colorado will never return to a destructive system of contested judicial elections that can create the perception of bias due to negative and misleading campaigning and fund raising. 

Why should you become a member of CJI?

By joining CJI, your lone voice in support of judicial excellence will unite with many others into a call than cannot be ignored.

By joining CJI, you are supporting a non-partisan, nationally recognized model of judicial selection - the merit selection system.

By joining CJI, you are supporting public education about the judiciary, judicial performance evaluations, and judicial retention elections.

By joining CJI, project that seek to ensure the judicial system meets the needs of Colorado Citizens in the best, most efficient manner will continue.

By joining CJI, you will ensure that a well-educated judiciary inspires efficiency throughout court processes.

By joining CJI and supporting our mission to create an excellent judiciary, you increase the likelihood of Colorado maintaining and improving a stable climate in which businesses of all sizes can thrive.

By joining CJI, a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)3 organization, you are getting a tax deduction in addition to keeping Colorado among the most envied states in the nation.

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Why Should You Join CJI?