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Community Organization = Board of Directors & Volunteers That Reflect the Community

CJI Seeks Dynamic Leaders in 2023!

The Colorado Judicial Institute (CJI) is an independent, nonpartisan, statewide community organization and 501(c)(3) nonprofit. CJI works to promote excellence, equity, impartiality, and public trust in Colorado's courts through outreach, education, and engagement. If our mission appeals to you, please consider joining CJI's board of directors, a dynamic and diverse group of community and business leaders, attorneys, and judges. CJI seeks:

  • A wide array of community and business leaders from diverse professions.
  • Candidates from all over Colorado, from the Western Slope to the Front Range to the Eastern Plains.
  • Diversity factors including gender, race/ethnicity, LGBTQ, age, areas of expertise, and points of view.
  • As part of CJI's ongoing efforts to reach beyond the legal community and ensure we represent all of Colorado, we particularly encourage applications from non-attorneys.

Candidates for CJI's board should demonstrate:

  • Genuine interest in CJI's mission.
  • Commitment and capacity to participate in six board meetings per year and actively contribute to committee work.
  • Attendance at CJI events throughout the year.
  • Commitment to serve as an ambassador for CJI.
  • Financial support of CJI through personal donations and help with fund development efforts.
  • (Full list of board expectations and committee descriptions are in the document linked below.)

In return, CJI provides you:

  • The satisfaction of "giving back" to a worthy cause through board and committee service.
  • Opportunities for leadership.
  • Networking and meaningful connections with people who share your commitment to CJI's mission.

To apply for CJI's board, please (1) complete the application form below; and (2) email your current resume to CJI Executive Director Jeff Rupp ( Please note, there is no "save" function with the form below so prepare to complete the application in one sitting. Also note, as part of CJI's diversity efforts, the application form includes demographic questions that help us better understand our candidate pool.

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Board Application Timeline

  • Application period: January-March 2023
  • Application deadline: March 15, 2023
  • Candidate interviews with CJI Nominating Committee: March-April 2023
  • Candidate selection & recommendation to CJI Board: May 2023
  • Annual General Meeting & Board Meeting - new board members included: Tuesday May 23, 2023, 5:00-7:00pm at Holland & Hart LLP, 555 17th Street, Suite 3200, Denver, CO 80202. 


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