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The Larry DeMuth Endowment for Judicial Education

In 2015, CJI partnered with longtime board member and philanthropist Larry DeMuth to create The Larry DeMuth Endowment for the Education of the Colorado Judicial System. The goal was to create a fund for judicial scholarships that was not dependent on the state government's limited resources.  

With the cuts to the state budget due to the 2020 pandemic, Larry and the CJI Board of Directors would like to grow the principal of the Larry DeMuth Endowment and further ensure these judicial scholarships. Larry is offering a 1:1 match on the first $25,000 in donations to the endowment.

CJI judicial scholarships are approved and distributed through the CJI Judicial Education Fund. A CJI board committee oversees the fund and works in conjunction with the State Court Administrator's Office to ensure that scholarships support the Colorado Judicial Branch's needs.

Since the Judicial Education Fund began granting scholarships in 2010, CJI has awarded more than $500,000 in scholarships to programs such as:

  • National Judicial College training on bench basics like Docket Management and Judicial Writing for new judges
  • Conferences on special topics like self-represented litigants, probate courts, and drug courts
  • CJI has also funded special projects such as recording a video orientation for Judicial Nominating Commission members

Will you join us in ensuring that our judges have the educational opportunities they need to maintain their skills for the people of Colorado? For more information, contact Executive Director Jeff Rupp at or mobile 703-309-1389.

Please mail your donation check to:

Larry DeMuth Endowment
c/o Colorado Judicial Institute
P.O. Box 118
Broomfield, CO 80038

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