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From Russia to Colorado

What Lessons Does Colorado Offer the International Community?

Today’s news is awash in examples of what happens when the rule of law breaks down.  Join CJI members for breakfast on June 7 to hear Dr. Joshua Wilson, Chair of the University of Denver Political Science Department, speak on From Russia to Colorado: Why an Independent Judiciary is Important to the Survival of Democracy.   Find more information and register here.


CJI Responds to Proposed Judicial Discipline Legislation

April 13, 2022 — The CJI Board discussed proposed legislation on a new judicial discipline commission at their March meeting. CJI board members Marilyn Chappell, Peter Koclanes, Barbara Randell, Shannon Stevenson, and Heidi Williams volunteered to review Senate Bill 22-201. 
As a result of that review, Marilyn Chappell led the team in writing a statement, approved by the CJI Executive Committee, for submission to the Senate Judiciary Committee in advance of the Thursday, April 14th, hearing on the judicial discipline commission bill. You can find a link to the statement in the blue bar to the right, along with SB22-201. Marilyn Chappell testified at the committee hearing based on CJI’s statement. CJI will be watching to see if the bill moves forward.

Updated April 28, 2022 — The Senate passed an amended version of SB22-201, and the bill has now moved to the House for consideration. CJI has submitted a second statement, this time to the House Judiciary Committee. You can find a link to the statement in the blue bar to the right. CJI will continue to monitor the bill's progress.


Welcome CJI's New Executive Director, Jeff Rupp!

Jeff has worked in nonprofit leadership and management his entire career, most recently at the Association of Fundraising Professionals international headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. He earned his BA in history and political science at St. Olaf College and an MA in American Studies at the University of Maryland. He lives in Denver and enjoys skiing, coaching youth rugby, reading, and playing guitar. Jeff has an adult daughter who lives in New York City.




CJI Works for Diversity on the Colorado Bench

In October 2019, CJI and the Colorado Bar Association launched a collaborative initiative, the CBA/CJI Diversity on the Bench Coalition.  The CBA/CJI Coalition leads a community-wide effort to ensure Colorado’s state court bench reflects the diversity of Colorado’s population.

Developed out of a long-standing need, CJI Board Member Judge Gary Jackson, Denver County Court, and Patricia M. Jarzobski, former CBA president and Colorado Women’s Bar Association president, have drawn on their leadership experience to gather a robust team of legal leaders to address this issue creatively.

Click here to learn more about CJI's diversity initiatives.


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CJI's Response to Senate Bill 22-201

Find CJI's official statement on the proposed judicial discipline commission here.  

CJI's statement was based on this version of Senate Bill 22-201.

CJI's 2nd Response to Senate Bill 22-201

Find CJI's 2nd official statement on the proposed judicial discipline commission here.

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